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History of (Foshan Popper Mold-Tech)
From the Founder
My name is Jimmy Y., and I am the owner of Foshan Popper Mold-Tech. Foshan Popper Mold-Tech is a sign of my passion for Plastic Injection Molds Manufacturing. When I was thinking about starting this business, I knew that a lot of challenges are waiting for me in this field which I have to face with commitment and sheer will. I had promised myself before starting this business that quality, inspection, technology, and customer satisfaction would be our priority. I also decided that I would hire only educated, experienced, and skilled team members to provide state-of-the-art Plastic Injection Molds manufacturing services to our clients.
Luckily, I have got everything necessary to run this business in the interest of my factory and clients. I am highly thankful to my team of 8 Tooling Design Engineers who have ensured the development and progress of Foshan Popper Mold-Tech.

Our History is All About Manufacturing High-Quality Plastic Injection Molds
History of Foshan Popper Mold-Tech
We started working in 2021 to serve all of the industries and businesses that need tailormade Plastic Injection Molds On-Demand. We have done well thanks to our rich experience in Plastic Injection Molding. We started working on quality control, and today we have one of the best and complete quality control systems in the industry. Foshan Popper Mold-Tech covers an area of Tooling engineers and machining employees.
We are committed to providing our customers with unique Plastic Injection Molds manufacturing services at the best, competitive rates. We dedicated ourselves to constant improvement and development.
(Our History is ………….. Dedication, Hard work, Quality, and Determination)