How Does The CNC Machining Center Improve The Surface Finish?


The surface finish of the workpiece processed by the CNC machining center is very good under normal circumstances, but sometimes it is not very ideal, and the desired surface finish cannot be achieved. This is mainly caused by the device’s own settings and environmental factors.

The following six points are the main points to improve the surface finish of CNC machining centers. After solving, the surface finish of the workpiece can be greatly improved and the product quality can be improved.



1. The CNC machining center should be placed in a flat position to ensure that the equipment will not shake during processing.
2. Check whether the machining spindle is fixed well so that the spindle will not vibrate during processing. Otherwise, it will greatly affect the surface finish of the workpiece.
3. Select high-quality coolant to ensure that the temperature of the workpiece and the friction surface of the tool is normal during processing.
4. To use better quality processing tools, choose according to the workpiece material.
5. During rough machining, it is necessary to open the chip removal groove of the processed material well, so that the workpiece will not be scratched due to poor chip removal during processing, which will affect the surface finish.
6. Set the spindle speed and feed speed of the lathe in advance, and try to complete the machining process with one clamping.

Post time: Feb-20-2023